​Our Vision
​EduTech Nepal’s vision is to build a computer lab network to create hope and opportunities for over one million Nepali children.



Our schools are in all seven provinces, and we are currently in thirty one districts



Mostly we provide a twenty-computer classroom, but we can offer smaller schools with ten and even five computer lab classroom. 


Students Reached

It's all about the students and our mission to provide hope and opportunities for them.


Certificates Issued

We commenced a program in 2022 to create and offer 'respected certificates' with exams for the students.

Recent Lab installation

Namche Basic School received their computer lab in 2022. Ashok, EduTech's CEO visited the school with Himalayan Trust in November 2022 to celebrate the opening of this new computer lab. The school has nearly 200 students and the transformation from the 'old computer classroom' to our new lab is inspiring for us all. Better still we know the students now have greater hope and opportunities with this new computer lab. 
190 students
Where are our Labs?
We're always building new computer labs with our wonderful Support Partners. In the next Nepali financial year (July 2023 to July 2024), we plan to reach a new milestone of over 250 labs​.